The best 5 options for creating custom childrenswear

We all want our children to stand out from the crowd, whether being the best player in the sports team, or the star of the show on stage, and there’s no reason why we can’t kit them out in star style each and every day.

Here are the top five way to make custom childrenswear.

Work out who you’re designing for

Are you making custom childrenswear for individual kids or a particular team? If designing for individuals, you’ll need to work out what designs will tick all the boxes (see the next point, below), but if you’re designing for a team, be that a dance troupe or a sports club, you’ll simply need to pick the right types of clothing, in the right colours, and featuring the right logos.

Choose your designs carefully

When creating custom childrenswear, it’s important to make sure your designs resonate with the kids your designing for – whether your own kids or those of the parents who enter your shop. So, do your research, find out what the kids you’re designing for are into, and let that influence your designs. One word of warning though, if you base designs on a popular film, music act or video game, be aware you could fall foul of copyright laws.

You could always let the kids design the clothes themselves, letting them stencil or print their own designs onto individual items.

Pick the right items of clothing

If you’re designing customwear for a children’s sports team, the items of clothing you use will essentially pick themselves – a rugby team will have shirts, shorts, socks and training tops, while dance troupes will have vests and leggings – but if you’re designing for kids’ fashion, you’ll need to be more particular and research what children are currently wearing.

It’s best to stay away from trousers, and jeans and track pants are constantly popping in and out of fashion, but you should be safe sticking to basics like t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts and hoodies.

Work out the best way to customise

There are any number of ways you can customise children’s clothes, from using glitter and glue to iron-on or screen printing. The method you choose will have an impact on the final cost of the garment, so bear in mind that while screen printing is usually better quality and longer lasting, it’s also more expensive than iron-on printing.

You can also add material, such as ribbons or pomp poms, or remove material, such as making rips in jeans or on the seams of clothing for a raw-edged look.

Use a bespoke online service

If you don’t feel creative enough to get hands on, you could utilise and online service that offers a number of templates to help create custom kidswear. For instance, you might be given a number of raglan style t-shirts, with a variety of body and sleeve colours, which you can then team with a graphic print, or bespoke pocket detail in a material of your choice.

However you decide to go about creating custom childrenswear, the important thing is to have fun, create eye-catching designs and, if possible, get the kids involved every step of the way.