Moisture Control Talc Free Powder

Open the pantry and discover the many uses of favorite kitchen foods that solve the problem of moisture absorption. These powders are non-talc. Most people cook with them, and they are cost efficient.

The texture of this powder is not damaging to clothing or sin. It is cool and soothing like other powders. However, a person concerned about chemicals will find using non-talc less trying. These substances are already prepared and easy to use. Nature has many alternative uses for plants, and the making of calming powders is one.

Body powder keeps places subject to sweating on the skin dry, especially in spaces that get little air. The use of dusting powder for this purpose is great. It soaks up moisture, helping to lessen the chance of getting a rash from moisture created by heat.

The concern is finding a product free of chemicals that gets the job done effectively.
Solving the problem of rashes, chaffing, and other skin discomfort is never difficult for these easy to access powder. Dusting powders with a hint of fragrant oils smell luxurious. If medicated powder is the goal, the omission of talc is an easy solution.

Components in face powder, powder for infants, and cosmetic dusting powders for the body work nicely with non-talc. Using this powder offers the opportunity to protect the environment. In some instances, users are questioning the use of conventional powders. So, some are leaning towards powder without talc.


Fortunately, there are alternatives to talc, non-talc powders are:

-cornstarch sits in many kitchen cabinets readily useful for dozens of things. This just happens to include use as a moisture absorber. Cornstarch resulting from corn presents a change from chemically infused moisture barriers.

-baking soda uses are amazing, deodorant, tooth cleaning, refrigerant freshener, laundry use, and so many others.

-Tapioca/arrowroot, made from plants, works for cooking, and baby powder with a few natural ingredients.

-Oat flour is a bit grainier but serves as a great alternative powder.


Use natural, versatile powders that go on smoothly over the skin of young and old. Include this as a personal powder for bath time. It is fragrant or non-perfumed. This is an organic alternative to other baby powders. The ability to keep skin dry prevents the rubbing that causes chaffing.

Buy Over the Counter Instead:

If you choose to skip over the effort of making your own talc free powder, there are commercial alternatives that do the work for you. These products let users enjoy comforting moisture control without unwanted substances. Change the way you use powder by investing in natural ingredients.

Using talc is linked to ovarian cancer making it more important for talcum users to search for a powder without the substance. Studies by accredited sources have found powder without the inclusion of talc works best for healthy body moisture.

Generosity is not only for others, but for you as well. This dust of nature is good for the skin leaving a nice feel to the touch. You trust many of these items for cooking. Now, trust them for external use.