Important Things Couples Should Know Before Getting Married

Love is everything we need, and that is the fact, but you have to be prepared for everything that will happen along the way. As soon as you decided to get married, it means that you will stop doing certain things. You do not want to start wedding planning if you have not made a bucket list with your partner.

It does not matter if your wedding is years or months away because you have to take time to enjoy, travel together and to get a chance to see each other in various stressful situations. You can look this as a test until you completely decide because these situations will provide you valuable insight on your future life together.

Of course, if you live near Salt Lake City, wedding venues are nearby, and you will be able to book them without any additional problem. Nevertheless, before you make up your mind, you should travel with your partner, especially if you haven’t before.

This is a great way to engage with someone and to increase enjoyment. We recommend you to book the all-inclusive resort and to enjoy all the way because that way you will reduce worries and have fun together.

  1. Communicate About Certain Beliefs

Before you decide to make a life commitment, it is important to discuss and communicate your individual beliefs and values such as family dynamics, religion, politics and rituals. This particular point does not mean that you should agree on everything, but you have to respect each other’s perspectives and viewpoints and to ensure that these beliefs are not deal breaker for the future life together.

For instance, you can easily find yourself on opposite ends of the spectrum, which does not mean that the relationship will not work, but it will require extra pre-planning and effort so that you can avoid conflict and fights that could happen in the future.

There are certain examples that people with different religions could live together, and to see more about it, click here.

  1. Money Talk

Another essential topic that you have to talk about finances, even though this is a problematic theme that some people avoid discussing. Most people do not think about certain financial policies when they are in the 20s, but it is vital to conduct a discussion about the financial perspective of your partner so that you can avoid situations that could affect your relationship and marriage.

You should have in mind that the majority of marriages will end up in divorce due to financial issues and inability to get similar goals. Therefore, you should talk and discuss whether you share similar ambitions and ideas for the future such as how you plan to live, living expenses, and where you plan to work until the retirement.

Check this website: to see why money talk is essential before marriage.

  1. Children Talk

Similar to money talks, the conversation about children is essential ones, because it can affect your relationship. It is difficult to live with someone that does not have children if you want and vice versa. Therefore, you have to share your vision before the other side says that having children is a huge commitment.

Therefore, it is important to create a stable relationship because having children is a complete change of world both financially and personally for the rest of our lives. It will also change your relationship with a partner, and your lifestyle, which is the common issue among spouses and reason for diverse.

Some couples go into marriages thinking that they can work out certain things later, or they think that they can change partner’s mind, but that rarely ends good and well. Therefore, it is important to find someone with whom you agree on this particular point from the very beginning.

  1. Take Dance Lessons Together

This particular point does not involve conversation, but communication on the whole another level. Living together without this particular affection is a bad thing for the relationship. It is great to learn how to move on the dance floor with your partner, but dancing will also reduce the stress you both have, and you will be able to learn how to connect with your partner on other levels too.

Similar to an opportunity to travel together, spend time together, dancing is a way to enjoy with your partner without thinking on what will happen next. Check here for more insight on how dancing lesson with partner will improve your relationship.

  1. You Have To Live Together First

Most couples decide to marry without living together and sharing the same apartment or household. This problem could affect the rest of your life because by living together you will be able to see whether you feel comfortable with your partner.

It is essential to learn good, bad and ugly sides of your partner such as cleanliness, weird habits, the morning routine, and to see whether you two are domestically compatible. If you neglect this particular idea, you will risk bringing your marriage down by following someone you do not know completely.


Getting In Mint Condition

There’s something almost magical about the color mint, wouldn’t you say? Maybe it’s the light, diaphanous effect that this color lends to any fabric or perhaps it’s the way it transports reminds us of lush tropical islands with clear aqua waters. Whether you prefer mint lace dresses or barely-there soft chiffon creations, as long as it’s in mint, it will be simply marvelous. Mint was a color that was popularized in the 1970s- in fact, I have a photo of my mother wearing a gorgeous mint dress, and she told me the color was everywhere back then. Then several years ago, mint made a comeback in a big way. I started seeing it in all the fashion shows and especially at bridal shows! Mint bridesmaids dresses have been huge in recent years at so many of the weddings I’ve seen. Have you dipped your toe into the mint trend yet? I’d say, it’s mint to be! That’s why my post today is all about the color mint.


Model Musings

Model Josephine Skriver was a vision in mint green at this year’s Cannes Film Festival where she attended Chopard’s Secret Night Out party. Her floor-length gown came courtesy of designer Georges Hobeika and featured layers of mint green silk georgette fabric along with multicolored rhinestones adorning the waistband and asymmetric shoulder strap. The effect is absolutely luminous yet it got us wondering: how can we get the same look for less? These are our top picks for beautiful mint dresses!

One-Shoulder Wonder

Cute Mint Maxi Bridesmaid Dress Online, Mint Formal Prom Dress

Goddess of Love Mint One Shoulder Maxi Dress

The first look up in this gorgeous creation from Lily Boutique that is a dead ringer for the designer dress at a fraction of the price. In fact they have an entire page of mint maxis and lace dresses where you can find this look and other similar styles!

This would make a unique bridesmaid dress that is perfect for a destination wedding. This pale mint color is my absolute favorite shade of mint- it’s super flattering and looks perfect against tan or fair skin. But who says bridesmaids should have all the fun? This mint green maxi is a viable option for any fancy nighttime event. Best of all, the dress is made up of chiffon covered with a fine layer of appliqué lace flowing on the top.

Since the color of the gown is light and airy, it would work beautifully with slight touches of delicate silver jewelry. All that’s needed is a pair of dainty diamanté stud earrings plus a bracelet and you’ve got an angelic evening ensemble like no other.

Gunmetal + Mint

Gunmetal and Roses Strapless Maxi Dress in Sage

Gunmetal and Roses Strapless Maxi Dress in Sage

Since I am on a grey/silver and mint kick, here’s another mint maxi I’m loving. The store is calling this color ‘sage’ so I think it’s a bit more of a blue or green mint than true mint. Either way, I love it! The combination of pale blue/green contrasting with bold gunmetal grey makes this design a winner. The chiffon skirt has a long flowy floor length cut and the bust has a crossover bustier design.

What really sets this dress apart is the added accessory – a fabric band encrusted with beautiful beaded roses. I like how the gunmetal grey detail ‘toughens’ this look up a little bit and adds a bit of an edge to it. The belt cinches in high on the waist, creating an hourglass silhouette. I can see this working as a unique formal bridesmaid dress or an option for prom or formal. If strapless isn’t your style, simply attach the removable spaghetti straps.


Belle of the Ball

Dramatic Simplicity One Shoulder Chiffon Maxi Dress in Mint

Here is another mint maxi dress that is a dead-ringer for the original worn by Josephine Skriver. The color is almost a perfect match! The main difference is this one is a more simple one shoulder style, which is perfect if you want to get the look of a mint maxi, but want to keep it simple without all the extra embellishments.

This dress consists of a one-shouldered design, sweetheart neckline, and a draped bodice.  A broad empire waistline is sewn into the design, creating a fitted feminine silhouette. Complement this one with stiletto heels and a clutch purse. This is yet another mint maxi that would be perfect to wear to a formal wedding, and it could even be a unique bridesmaid dress. Simple and gorgeous! What do you think of these styles for a wedding? Let us know in the comments!