Why do athletes wear rubber band bracelets?

Have you ever watched an athletic event? Athletic  events are of many types-like relay, sprint, long jump, high jump. pole vault, etc. If you observe these closely, you would have seen the athletes wear rubber band bracelets. Why do they wear them? Let us delve into the possible reasons

Reasons why athletes wear rubber band bracelets

Athletes wear rubber band bracelets for many reasons that you would not have even imagined like the ones below.

  1. For focus

For an athlete, focus is a must. Single-minded concentration towards the goal can only transform the athlete’s hard work to success. It is very easy for an athlete to lose focus. This happens when the athlete is exhausted, stressed or demotivated. At such times, the rubber band bracelet comes to the athlete’s rescue.

The rubber band bracelets are worn in bright  fluorescent colours on the wrist of the athlete. They may even be customized with a special message to motivate the athlete. One look at the rubber band bracelets and the athlete is reminded of his aim, goal and objectives. The rubber band bracelets restores focus and brings single-minded concentration to the athlete to pursue his dream.

  1. To remove unwanted thoughts and distractions

Athletes can easily get distracted. When they are at events, athletes tend to look at competitors and they might get distracted. This distraction makes them lose focus towards their goal. To avoid this, they wear a rubber band bracelets. The rubber band bracelets worn on their wrists keep reminding them were they have to go. It removes unwanted thoughts and clears the mind of the athlete of distractions. It helps the athlete get a firm grip on himself/ herself.

  1. To control anger

Anger is the worst enemy of every person and especially an athlete. When an athlete becomes angry, he/she tends to show it and this makes them lose vital energy. the outburst of anger is a waste of the precious energy accumulated by the athlete towards his event. Such a precious waste of energy cannot be afforded by an athlete. To prevent his, athletes wear rubber band bracelets.

The rubber band bracelets act as a timely reminder to bring the athlete back to normal by avoiding anger. The firm grip of the rubber band bracelet helps the athlete gain some semblance of balance and equanimity. This helps the athlete gain success in his sport. The rubber band bracelets can even be customized with special messages like-“Keep calm and rule the world”.

  1. To mend unwanted habits

Some athletes have unwanted habits like scratching their head, crinkling their nose etc.  These may look awkward in public. They can wear rubber band bracelets with customized messages warning them to stop exhibiting these habits in public.

  1. To prevent unruly behaviour

Some athletes have unruly behaviour and exhibiting this at the sports event might even get them debarred for life. Bad behaviour like swearing, spitting, showing vulgar gestures, making obscene remarks, etc must be totally avoided by athletes in public. Wearing a customized rubber band bracelet with a caution alert warning them not to do these things can prove very helpful for athletes.

  1. To show support to a social cause

Athletes have a huge fan following. They serve to inspire others. That is why they always associate themselves with a noble cause. To show their support to the noble cause, they wear rubber band bracelets. Yellow is in support of cancer, blue is for animal rights and pink is for breast cancer.

Rubber band bracelets are a popular hit among athletes as they contribute to their success.